All Xbox One controllers to allow button mapping in the future

controller button mappingOne of the most attractive features of the new Xbox One Elite controller, the one that costs you $150, is that it allows you to add on extra buttons. It also allows you to map each button on the controller to do whatever you want. Well, it turns out that all Xbox One controllers will allow for button mapping, coming in the future.

Mike Ybarra of Xbox replied to a tweet yesterday, when a fan asked why it was only the Elite controller receiving the feature. “It’s coming for all controllers soon,” he said.

Button mapping doesn’t seem like a massive feature really, but options and choice are always welcomed. In a blog post by Major Nelson over the weekend, he also stated that Cortana will be launching in early 2016 for the New Xbox One Experience. I noted in the update of all its new features that Cortana was seemingly missing, but a beta version will land before the year is out, with the official launch coming in the new year.

[Source: Twitter]

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