All time greatest first person shooter multiplayer maps

Dust Multiplayer MapsAfter Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered (CoD4) and taking a trip down memory lane with the multiplayer maps, I thought it would be fun to share with you what I think are some of the best multiplayer maps from the first person shooter genre and look at what makes them so good and memorable.

Over the years there have been some great multiplayer maps adorn our consoles/PC’s. Picking out the best was always going to be a tough task because we will all have our favourites that we won’t budge from and to be honest that’s ok. These are some of my favourite maps and maps that spring to my mind when I think about the multiplayer maps from these certain games.

Starting off with a more recent game that has become one of, if not the best FPS titles of this generation, Rainbow 6 Siege. It has a number of great multiplayer maps, and there are two in particular that stand out.

Presidential Plane

Rainbow 6 Siege

I love both attacking and defending on this map. The confined spaces make for some tense firefights and requires both teams to be on their game. With multiple levels and a surprising amount of flank routes this map has been extremely well designed.

Rainbow 6 Siege Multiplayer Maps

The map demands good communication and team work and if you are on the defensive team it requires you to plan carefully. Defenders can be vulnerable to snipers and it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you are not careful. There’s plenty of entry points which means the gameplay on this map can be varied and challenging no matter how good you think your team is.


Rainbow 6 Siege

My favourite maps from Rainbow 6 Siege and one that brings a smile to the team’s faces when it comes up in the map rotation. There are so many points of entry and potential flanking routes that both teams are kept guessing all the way through a match. The tension builds as the clock ticks down and you have to have eyes in the back of your head with the possibility of murder holes in many of the walls.

Rainbow 6 SiegeHouse is one of the best multiplayer maps to grace our Consoles/PC’s in years and in a time where I think map design has been somewhat of a struggle for developers. House will be one that will be remembered for years to come.

Moving on to other games now I’ll go through what I think are some of the best maps (in no particular order)and I’ll round it off with what my personal favourite FPS multiplayer map of all time is.

Oasis (Battlefield: Bad Company)

OasisOasis was one of my favourite multiplayer maps from that time and in particular when playing Rush. The map allowed for a nice mix of long and medium range combat and allowed for vehicles to play an important part in the action without feeling overpowered. When I think back to the first Bad Company game this is the map that immediately springs to mind.

The map felt authentic and looked stunning. It was always a different picture towards the end of the game however as buildings and heavy weaponry lay in ruins. Everything about this multiplayer map was spot on.

Wake Island (Battlefield 1943)

wake island

Wake Island is another multiplayer map given to us by the Battlefield series. Wake island is a very distinctive U shape and most if not all gamers will be able to easily identify it. The flag positioning at first glance seems like it’d be a walk in the park but seeing as it’s a Battlefield game and assaults can come from land, sea and air, this map gave us plenty of adrenaline filled action. Snipers could reign supreme on this map whilst engineers scrambled to take down enemy armour. Wake Island is one of the best maps I’ve ever played on and I really hope we get to walk it’s shores again some day.

Asylum (CoD: World at War)


Not only was Asylum a memorable map from the last World War 2 Call of Duty but it was well designed and very atmospheric. This map would fill me with tension and if there was a lull in the fighting it had the ability to spook the crap out of me. There was such a great level of detail here that made this map an absolute joy to play on.

Nuke Town (CoD: Black Ops)

Nuke TownThe Call of Duty Series could easily have its long list of the best maps but there are a few that to me stand out above the rest. The second CoD map to feature is Nuke Town. This map produced some crazy tomahawk kills from the start of the match to some crazy gun battles. When the spawns would flip, mayhem would follow as the other team would adjust. Nuke Town has been updated for Black ops 3 but the original map is by far and away the best version to play.

Facility (GoldenEye)

GoldeneyeGoldenEye was without doubt one of the best first person shooters ever made and it also had some of the best and most iconic multiplayer maps that we have ever played on. Facility is my favourite from that game for a number of reasons. Navigating the map was full of tension as your foe could be around any corner of hidden in any cubicle. The music added to the atmosphere and to this day I can recall it in an instant. Facility is a master class in multiplayer map design.

Guardian (Halo3)

Halo 3The Halo games set many of the standards and re-wrote many of the boundaries in first person shooters. Halo is one of those games that was truly ground breaking and map design played a huge part of that. Halo 3 in particular produced some of the best multiplayer maps that I’ve ever played. Guardians is one of, if not the best Halo map.

guardiansThe map looked absolutely gorgeous with its green ambiance and sticky grenades and lifts looked stunning against that contrasting backdrop. You had the ring in the middle where all hell would break loose and skirting around the outside you’d have narrower sight-lines which created some epic battles. The map offered so much variety and even the best players could occasionally find themselves destroyed by the average player. There is a special place in my heart for not only Halo 3 but for this map in particular. A great piece of design perfectly balanced for the game.

High-rise (CoD: Modern Warfare 2)

HighriseProbably the best map from Modern Warfare 2 and one that allowed for so many different styles of play. Modern Warfare 2 was probably the last game in the CoD series that featured so many good quality and memorable maps and High Rise is the one that stands out. Essentially you have two inside areas opposite each other and an open air area separating them that quickly becomes the killing ground. You have a fair bit of verticality in the map which requires careful movement and kill streak rewards were devastating on this map. I got my first tactical nuke on High Rise so it holds a special place in my heart.

Showdown (CoD4)

ShowdownCall of Duty 4 is a game that stands out for me for a number of reasons. It has a brilliant campaign for starters but it also has a brilliant multiplayer. The multiplayer maps are still to this day one of the best around for a few reasons but chief among them is the fact that there isn’t one bad multiplayer map in the whole game. Every single map was good and well designed. One of the maps that I loved and hated to play was Showdown. I have never played on a map that can so easily humble even the best players. It offers one central killing ground surrounded by tight corridors. Flanking is dangerous to pull off and grenade spam is a constant worry. This was one of the best competitive multiplayer maps to play on and I can’t wait for it to be added to the remastered game’s roster.

Dust (CS:GO)

DustOne of the oldest maps to feature and one that I know very well as I’m sure many gamers do is Dust. Even Gamers who have never played Counter Strike will be aware of this map and have probably seen their favourite Youtubers battling it out on this iconic addition. Offering 3 main routes the map is loved by the CS:GO fan base and separates the pros from the casuals. Smoke and flash bangs play such an important part of the gameplay on this map and team work and good communication is key. Watching a pro team fight it out on this map is a thing of beauty.

Pipeline (CoD4)


Another entry from my favourite FPS game is Pipeline. The gritty look and multiple routes made this map great no matter what the game type was. Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Domination were all great to play on Pipeline and required very different approaches. This is by far my favourite map from the Call of Duty series and in my opinion second to just one map in the entire First Person Shooter genre. You had two warehouses linked by a tunnel surrounded by differing  features such as a grassy knoll and a railway siding. there’s plenty of cover but there’s also some devastating lines of sight for snipers to take advantage of. This map is as near as perfect as you are going to find. It has since been remade for Advanced Warfare, known as Atlas Gorge.

So there we have a selection of my favourite multiplayer maps from the first Person shooter genre and yes I know I have missed out some obvious ones from legendary game franchises like Timesplitters, DOOM, Quake and Unreal Tournament but these maps are the ones that I find spring to mind when I think of great multiplayer maps. So what is my all time favourite map then? Well it’s from a game that I absolutely loved and from a series I really want to see return to our Console/PC’s in the future.

Arica Harbour (Battlefield Bad Company 2)

Arica Harbour

Arica Harbour isn’t one of the most elaborate multiplayer maps featured in a Battlefield game but it certainly is in my opinion the best designed multiplayer map in the first person genre. the map balances extremely well with what the game allows players to do and it was so much fun to play. It had everything from wide open space perfect for long range sniping to tight enclosed spaces within a town perfect for the close quarter to mid range engagements.

Arica HarbourThe buildings of varying heights gave the map a nice multi-layered feel to it and the central road was like a river of adrenaline. Crossing that road was deadly. The building destruction played a huge role in the feel of this map, perhaps more so than what the more modern games achieve. everything was perfect on this map no matter what game mode you were playing and that includes smaller scale game modes; something Battlefield games struggle with. Playing a round on Arica Harbour was like watching a mixture of the best modern war films mixed into one. Perfection.

Do you think we missed out on any obvious classics? We know we won’t please everyone with our list, and choosing ALL the best maps will turn into a never ending list. Tell us your favourites in the comments.

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