All Gears of War Ultimate Edition maps unlocked for all modes

gears of war screenshotFollowing some complaints on the Gears of War forums about the fact that some maps were locked into certain game modes, it seems that The Coalition have acted quickly, and have made all maps available on all modes.

The announcement came from a tweet last night, much to the satisfaction on fans, including myself, who I consider to be a huge Gears fans.

This was an issue that we came across last week, which we covered, where certain maps wouldn’t be available on the playlist for Execution, or for King of the Hill. It’s good to see that The Coalition is listening, gears of war locustand is responding efficiently to the issue. While it’s easy to see that they wanted some kind of organisation and versatility to the map usage, fans just want to play their favourite maps on the modes they enjoy most.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition contains 20 maps, including all maps from the original release and its DLC, as well as a few select maps from Gears of War 2. Would we like more maps instead of less? Of course!

If however, The Coalition were to remove a map at the community’s request, what map should be removed? Bulletmarsh? Rooftops? Something else? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]

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