Aliens are returning to the Elite Dangerous galaxy

elite dangerous thargoidsExciting times lay ahead for fans of Elite Dangerous. An update from the developer, Frontier Developments tells us that the alien race known as the Thargoids are going to be making their return some time in 2017. We’ve already witnessed encounters by them in recent months, but a war is on the horizon, and the Milky Way is going to start feeling a little…claustrophobic.

The Thargoids first appeared in the very first version of Elite, all the way back in 1984. It’s safe to say that they’ve been a series mainstay, so the fact we have only started encountering them in Elite Dangerous makes it exciting, as the game has been available since 2014. They are a classic alien race. Non-human, speaking no known language, and using technology far more advanced than our own.

In Frontier: Elite 2, the Thargoids were nowhere to be seen, bar a few captured ships in hidden military bases that you could actually stumble across. In the first game, they could pull you out of hyper jumps, just like they started doing in Elite Dangerous in the most amazing and fear inducing way. The Thargoids made their return again in the third Elite release, Frontier: First Encounters.

In the lore of Elite, it has now been 50+ years since the Thargoids have been encountered. This is when the interdictions began, followed by the random ships being found, blown to bits in space leaving behind a weird green hue. The barnacles and crash sites lead to more investigations and plot developments, and with the latest update, we’re seeing capital ships, the biggest ships in the game’s universe, obliterated by this alien force. It’s truly exciting stuff!

With the galaxy already at war on the political front between the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance, will all factions be able to put their differences aside in order to combat the latest threat? Will we see Colonia fall to the Thargoid threat, or will we find ourselves escaping the bubble; the civilised corner of the Milky Way and retreating to Colonia to muster a counter attack? Time will tell…

PlayStation 4 fans will be able to join PC and Xbox One fans in the epic space adventure as of the end of June, so as a semi-experienced CMDR and pilot, I wish you the best of luck, and welcome to Elite Dangerous!

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