Agents of Mayhem is superheroes meets our favourite action shows

agents of mayhemVolition, the team responsible for the open world hilarity that was Saints Row, have released a new trailer for their latest IP, Agents of Mayhem. As soon as the narrator began his lines, I could tell what was coming, and it just got better and better. Then the music kicked in…

Agents of Mayhem sees you taking control of up to 3 of the misfit characters out of the 12 available, who are not necessarily the good guys. But, in this situation, it’s bad versus evil as the Agents stand face to face with Dr Babylon and his goons. Each character will have their own abilities and loadouts, and you can change between them on the fly, to combine powers and tackle enemies in strategic ways.

Agents of Mayhem will play out as a third person shooter, and characters range from brutish tanks to trigger happy gunners and even a very Green Arrow-like bow-wielding female. I can’t help but get a vibe of Crackdown from this either, another title we should be hoping to see return on the Xbox later this year. It looks like it will have some stiff competition!

Agents of Mayhem takes the fun of Saints Row and leaves its breadcrumb trail from past titles, keeping this oddly related to Volition’s much loved series. The game is due out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in August of this year, and with its gorgeous, colourful graphics and over the top gameplay, this could prove to be a huge hit later this year. Put this on your one to watch list!

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