Acer announce the Predator 6, the “Smartphone for gamers”

Predator 6Acer have announced a new, high-end, smart-phone that they’re aiming straight into the pockets of gamers, the announcement was recently made during the pre-IFA conference where Acer boasted some fairly impressive specifications that should have the mainstream brands of mobile phones somewhat worried.So let’s have a quick break down of what we can expect, starting with one of the most important features of a modern-day phones, the screen. The Predator 6 has a 6 inch screen with HD display which is a good size when you consider the iPhone 6 plus, a phone marketed as being bigger version of the iPhone, boasts a smaller 5.5 inch screen. The Predator also has a 10 core, deca-core MediaTek processor and 4GB of ram which will allow it to run console sized games without batting an eyelid.

“This will dominate any mobile games you can throw at it.”

There’s also a 21-megapixel camera mounted on the rear along with four speakers and even haptic feedback when Predator 6the phone is held side on, giving the controls a joy pad feel when used on a touchscreen. Aesthetically the Predator 6 is looking like a dam fine piece of kit, taking inspiration from other products within the Acer range.  Unfortunately that’s all the details we have at the moment but the Predator 6 will launch along-side a whole family of products that fall under the Predator brand. Other products include a tablet computer which launches in September and a projector that can project onto screens or walls, depending on your preference. The tablet was announced earlier this year and the Predator 6 will utilize much of the same technology and functionality however as it stands at the moment it doesn’t really have much competition whereas the tablet has come under heavy fire from rival products such as the Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Given the Predator 6 has been announced as a “high-end Smartphone” we are predicting a hefty price tag of over £600 to buy it outright, though it’ll likely become the subject of competition from rival mobile phone contract providers. The question is however would a gaming inspired Acer phone tempt you to move away from your current brand? Be sure to let us know below!

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