Adr1ft no longer drifting onto Xbox One

ADR1FTAdam Orth’s first-person space exploration experience will no longer be making its way onto Xbox One as previously intended, according to a tweet this week by the developer himself. Responding to a tweet from a fan, he told the individual to get a refund.

Adr1ft is an immersive First Person Experience (FPX) that recounts the story of an astronaut in danger. Floating quietly within the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memories and a critically damaged EVA suit, the lone survivor struggles to understand the cause of the catastrophic event that killed everyone on board. The player must fight to stay alive by exploring the wreckage for precious resources and overcome the challenges of the unforgiving environment to repair the damaged emergency escape vehicle and safely return home.

Adr1ft released on March 26th for PC followed by a PlayStation 4 release in July of this year. It was due to arrive on the Xbox One but news of its cancellation wasn’t made prior to this tweet. It received less than stellar reviews, pun intended or not, and failed to allow for VR accessibility on the PlayStation 4’s VR headset following the device’s launch. Will it still come, or is it even necessary?

For Xbox One fans, it may be a disappointment, but at least there’s still Tacoma to look forward to, from the developers of Gone Home!

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