Adjust the graphics settings on The Division better to improve it

The DivisionDigital Foundry have discovered while testing Tom Clancy’s The Division beta on consoles, that you can adjust the in-game visual settings to make it look better. It’s not often a console game includes such settings, especially in beta form, but here’s a video that describes how to do it.

Two of the options available in the visuals section of the settings screen include Chromatic Aberration and Sharpen Image. Digital Foundry report that the former is set to on by default, giving the title a ‘decayed look’. Turn it off, and the game will instantly look richer.

The Division’s beta will go live on PlayStation 4 and PC today, with the Xbox One version live since yesterday. The beta only runs for the weekend, but knowing Ubisoft and their previous Rainbow Six Siege beta, there could be an extension made to iron out a few issues, with this being the last beta before the game’s launch on March 8th.

[Source: Youtube]

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