Activision CEO on Sony and Call of Duty partnership

Call of DutyOne of the rumours leading up to E3 turned out to be true, in that Sony were to partner with Activision, and switch the Call of Duty timed-exclusivity from Xbox to PlayStation. On the stage of the PlayStation E3 conference, the deal was set in stone, meaning all map packs and add-ons will come to the PlayStation one month before it arrives on Xbox and PC. CEO of Activision, Eric Hirshberg made a comment on that.

“Maybe Sony’s the one that made an interesting switch? The thinking behind it, it was the right partnership at the right time, for the right reasons, for all parties involved. I’d rather not talk about the inside baseball stuff. Both platforms matter to us. We want to create great experiences on both platforms. We’re going to do that. No matter where you play Call of Duty or Destiny or any of our games, we’ll deliver the best possible experience on each platform as we always have. In the case of Call of Duty, everyone gets all the content as well.

We’re excited about this partnership with Sony. They have a lot of momentum and a great platform. They’ve been a great partner on Destiny. When a first party gets behind your game, it matters. These things are big and risky and expensive. We take them seriously. Any time we can put some more aces in our hand to try to launch them successfully, it’s helpful. Having them and their support on Call of Duty is a big deal. We’re going to make it a win for everyone involved, gamers first and foremost.”

eric HirshbergIn the interview with Gamesbeat, they ask about the return of Black Ops, pointing out the fact that 9 MILLION people still play Black Ops on a monthly basis. That is insane, and it’s no wonder why fans on Xbox One are listing both versions of it in the top 10  games to be made backwards compatible.

Eric Hirschberg responded, saying “It’s a great franchise. Treyarch is a great studio. Black Ops is our most played sub-franchise, and Black Ops II was the most-played Call of Duty game ever. One of the most-played games period. We’re excited to bring it back. Treyarch has hit their stride as the lead developer. They do what they do better than anyone. Black Ops III has a ton of innovation. It’s our first co-op campaign. It adds a lot of replay value, a lot of variety for the player, a lot more autonomy. It’s a lot less on-rails. In multiplayer the specialist system they’ve introduced is really cool. The Zombies experience will be like nothing else.”

While many will be upset with the switch of timed-exclusivity, and that it will most likely add more fanboy ammo to those we despise, it’s not like anyone is being left out in the cold, and all content will be made available to everybody, unless something has changed. I doubt that though.

My next question is, for the Call of Duty Championships, will they now be held on PlayStation platforms? Probably.

[Source: VentureBeat]

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