About Us

About us

4-One Gaming was initially set up by two passionate gamers who met in early 2013 on Forza Motorsport 4. Speaking on the subject of fanboyism in modern gaming culture, we considered the thought of creating a gaming community ourselves. Our aim was to bring the latest gaming news with the craziest twist imaginable; enforcing a fanboy-free environment.

Our journey began on June 21st, 2013, when we came up with the title of 4-One Gaming and created our Facebook page. From there, it has been a slow, uphill battle, but fans who gave us a chance have had nothing but the kindest, most inspiring words to say, making our journey even more worthwhile.

There is absolutely NO reason why fans of video game fans should battle to the death over their preference of gaming platforms,. Whether it’s PC gaming, Xbox, PlayStation or a Nintendo system, we should all get along. We are all gamers, and we should be able to communicate in a civil manner. Gaming is about having fun, and enjoying great experiences, whether alone or with friends. Let’s not fight about who’s winning the ‘console war’.

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Fanboy-free news coverage of all current and last gen consoles and PC, discussions, nostalgia and gaming nights.