A toys-to-life series I could get to grips with, Cars-to-life!

matchbox cars-to-lifeLast night, a friend and I were in discussion about Disney Infinity, which as you know is closing up shop in the future. My friend picked up a bunch of toys for his kids at a pretty decent price, knowing that one day the game will be useless, but that the toys will still be available to play with. I started wondering “What kind of toys-to-life game would interest me, as an adult?”

It hit me pretty quickly, and as we started openly discussing ideas and bouncing suggestions back and forth, we came up with an interesting concept. Cars-to-life! Now, being the Forza nut that I am, this I had envisioned this whole experience with Forza Motorsport, but it could just as easily work with the likes of Gran Turismo or even Need for Speed. For the sake of this article though, I will be looking at elements of Forza and how Cars-to-life would work with it.

matchbox cars-to-life forza mock up

Buying hundreds of cars could prove rather costly, so imagine that cars come in packs. The Mazda pack, the Ferrari pack, the Ford pack, the Porsche pack. Each pack would contain 5 vehicles or so from that manufacturer. The cars would be ready painted, or, with another off-shoot idea I had, would be blank white cars, and each set would come with a few paints to let you personalize your collection. Red Mustang or a black one? Your choice!

On top of that, each car would have its own sensor, which like any toys-to-life or Amiibo, would indicate to the platform which toy you’re using. However, Cars-to-life goes a little bit further. Each car would have LED lights included, and when the car is placed on the NFC platform, the platform would feature some buttons that do various things. One, would be activating the car’s lights remotely. Just imagine your mini Nissan Skyline GTR with tiny LED lights shining from both bumpers. Amazing!

Amiibo Group toys to life

The second feature would take advantage of the Forzavista narration, which gives you an audible description of each car model. Each car would feature a script that can be played via the NFC base, instead of in-game, or as well as.

Once you put a Cars-to-life model on your platform, it will register in-game, and will not be required to be placed on the platform for future use. That would just get messy between races. However, doing so would grant you a higher payout in manufacturer affinity, meaning you may want to place that car on the NFC platform for each race!

cars-to-life mockupFor the sake of examples, I’m using images of Matchbox cars, which my idea is partially based on. Just look at them! Imagine buying a big display case for all of your model cars, each having little bits of electronics in them and their own narrated story. It could be expensive, but it would be a blast. What car nut wouldn’t want to collect them?!

I’m sure I could come up with some more interesting ideas for this, and maybe you guys and girls could help too. Would you be interesting in a Cars-to-life racing title?

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