A montage of Irish game development awesomeness

imirt logo irish game developmentImirt, the Irish Game Makers Association shared a video this week showcasing the amazing game development talent that exists in Ireland. Ireland is home to some passionate, creative gamers, and this two minute montage is well worth a look at what’s to come from our little green island.

The goal of Imirt (Irish word for ‘play’ or ‘playing’) is to increase awareness of Irish game development on the national and international stage while providing opportunities for networking, community growth and development.  4-One Gaming attended the first Town Hall meeting for Imirt back in June. If you’re Irish and you like developing games or have an interest in them, contact Imirt and they will guide you.

In the video above, you can see the following games, their developers, along with a link to their respective websites. It’s an exciting time for Irish game development!

CELLULAR by Tribal City Interactive //www.tribalcity.com/portfolio/c…
CURTAIN by DREAMFEILE //dreamfeeel.itch.io/curtain
Darkwind: War on Wheels by Psychic Software //www.dark-wind.com/
Deep by Owen Harris & Niki Smit //owenllharris.com/deep/
Form The Verge to The Void by Sun Bears //fromthevergetothevoid.com/
FranknJohn by bitSmith Games //www.bitsmithgames.com/franknjohn/
FRZ: Free Racing Zero by SixMinute //www.sixminute.com/games/frz-fr…
Goblins & Grottos by Psychic Software //goblinsandgrottos.com/
Grandpa Pip’s Birthday by Snozbot //snozbot.itch.io/grandpa-pips-b…
Guild of Dungeoneering by Gambrinous //www.guildofdungeoneering.com/
Hay Ewe by Rocket Rainbow //www.rocketrainbow.net/hay-ewe/
Onikira by Digital Furnace //www.digitalfurnacegames.com/
P-3 Biotic by BatCats Games //gumroad.com/l/p-3biotic
Pick A Pet by SixMinute //www.sixminute.com/games/pick-a…
Puppy Cuts – My Dog Grooming Pet Salon by Studio POWWOW //storytoys.com/apps/puppy-cuts-…
ShipAntics: The Legend of The Kiki Beast by Studio POWWOW //www.shipantics.com/
Snowblazer by outofmoose //outofmoose.itch.io/
Sons of Sol: Crow’s Nest by RetroNeo Games //www.retroneogames.com/
Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh //superhexagon.com/
The Darkside Detective by Spooky Doorway //darksidedetective.com/
The Little Acre by Pewter Games Studios //www.pewtergamesstudios.com/the…

[Source: Youtube, Imirt]

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