A love letter to 4 One for Valentine’s Day

4 one love valentine's daySo it’s that day when single people look on at couples with a hint of jealousy and couples stress about proving their feelings to the world. Me and my wife don’t typically “do” Valentine’s day, but this year I wanted to show some love for someone and something that has really shined a light on my heart and resurrected my love for gaming.

I used to play online with a few friends regularly a few years back, but with us having families and working shifts it became less and less frequent. It got to a point where I was playing alone and I spent less time playing games as I just wasn’t having fun. I was trawling through the comments section on an Xbox fan page one day despairing at the ridiculous fanboy arguments that raged upon the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when I saw someone cheekily advertising a fanboy free gaming page.

I tapped away at my keyboard and found my new home for all gaming related news. In time I added a few of the admins as friends on Xbox and I’d often get an invite to play GTAV from one in particular.  I’m quite a shy guy at heart and so it took a while but eventually one sunny day in Los Santos I met a friendly  (and oddly dressed) Irish fellow. We spent many an evening racing around the streets, carrying out heists and most importantly going on regular shopping trips to fill our wardrobes with the finest clothes available.

These days we plough and fertilise our crops in Farming Simulator 15, rescue hostages in Rainbow Six Siege and soon will no doubt be playing a bit of futuristic footy…..in cars. I’ve met some amazing people and made some true friends through 4 One Gaming from all over the world. I love reading through the posts and answering the community questions, keeping up to date on the latest games as well as remembering games I grew up with. Film reviews are brilliantly written and all whilst respecting our choice in gaming platform and telling us if there are or aren’t any spoilers.

This page really is for the people who read and interact with it.  4 One Gaming has reinvigorated my love and passion for gaming and I can’t thank them enough. I know it’s a lot of work and a lot of effort goes into it and I also know that Facebook doesn’t always make it easy for you but I, and I’m sure many others, really appreciate what you all do. So 4 One, this year will you be my valentine?

[Words by Rob Pearce]

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