A look at Viva Pinata’s development before Rare Replay launches

viva pinataNext week sees the release of Rare Replay for Xbox One, a compilation of 30 Rare classics all on one disc (or download) for a measly $30. Two of the titles making their way to the collection are Viva Pinata, and its sequel, Trouble in Paradise. Here, Xbox On talk to two of its developers about its creation.

Viva Pinata was a brilliant game, but unfortunately was overlooked by many when the Xbox 360 launched, as it was seen as a sort of ‘kids game’. To those who gave it a chance, they found that there was much more hidden under its fluffy, colourful exterior. Viva Pinata is a garden management sim, and it wasn’t an easy one either. The game allowed you to plant seeds and create lakes to attract various types of interestingly named pinatas to your garden, and thus leading to more exotic forms of pinatas, to feed on the existing residents. Send your pintas off to parties and you were rewarded with chocolate coins to further upgrade your garden with new amenities and features, allowing for even more pinata visitors.

What was also great about the game, was that pinatas of the same family could take part in a ‘romance dance’, which allowed them to mate, increasing your garden’s population and create a constant stream of new food supplies/party requested animals. It’s an adorable game, and a fun one, and in this ten minute video, you can learn more about how the game was concocted. Enjoy!

[Source: Xbox On]

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