A look at Trials Fusion’s Awesome Level MAX DLC

awesome level maxAt E3 this year, Ubisoft revealed a new piece of DLC content making its way to Trials Fusion. While the Season Pass calendar finished up in May, Ubisoft said that DLC would continue to release for Trials Fusion, but didn’t mention how much. What we do know, is that Awesome Level MAX is coming soon.

Awesome Level MAX features a gun-wielding cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn. We shouldn’t have to say more, should we? Ok, we’ll add some further details. Awesome Level MAX comes with two types of games, the first being the ‘Awesome Adventure’ that “also includes eight new classic Trials tracks, various mini-games and an entertaining soundtrack”, and then there’s the ‘RedLynx vs. All-Stars Tracks’ pack.

The latter is “a collection of more than 20 new tracks pitting RedLynx’s own track creators against the very best track creators across the world. The development team has collaborated closely with the fans over the past year, and half of the RedLynx vs. All-Stars tracks have been created by the best builders among the Trials Fusion community”

Trials Fusion’s Awesome Level MAX comes out across all platforms on July 14th, and there’s also an Awesome Level MAX Edition of the game, which includes “the base game, all 6 DLC packs from the Season Pass, and the new Awesome Level Max DLC. Over 180 tracks, Online Multiplayer Mode, Tournament mode, customizations, unicorns, explosions and more!”

[Source: Youtube]

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