A guide to Forza Motorsport livery painting

forza 6 paintForza Motorsport is known for its great, competitive racing, but also for its fantastic tuning features and livery design suite. Choose a car, bring it to the garage, and paint it however you wish, using the powerful tools available to you. It’s simple to use, hard to master, but fun above anything else.

Off the bat, we’re going to own up and say that what we’re posting isn’t our own work, and we shall give credit to the tipsters where possible. Painting up a car of your own creation can be a fun experience, and it’s easy to get carried away and invest hours and hours into something you’re proud of. Some players like to make replicas of classic rally or racing cars, while others will make tribute cars to their favourite games or film/tv shows. The choice is yours, but where do you start?

forza paintFirst off, here’s a guide by Forza forum user ‘Totlxtc’ on the subject of applying sponsors to cars. While you can simply plant stickers all over your car until there’s no space left over, considering rules of racing leagues can make your vehicles look more legitimate. Having primary sponsors, secondary, tertiary and racing series logos is a great addition for your motor, but where do they generally go? This guide is perfect in helping you answer those questions.

forza paintMaybe it’s your first time playing a Forza title, or the first time you’ve entered the livery editor, previously feeling afraid to attempt any painting tasks. If so, here’s a handy guide which runs you through the basics, and more about the controller functions and generally how to search for created community content and how to apply them to your car. You can find that guide here, created by WindowsCentral.com.

Forzazone.com have a good round up of guides that includes speed painting videos, how-to videos and other tutorials to check out. All very good, but maybe off putting to see them done in speed painting format. Remember, these creations can take hours, but you don’t have to do them all in one sitting. An hour a day, saving it, then returning the next day could see a fantastic paint job being done in a week.

‘Totlxtc’ again crops up in another Forza forum post talking about the use of basic shapes for logos, which pictures to illustrate. Excuse the pun… “There are a series of shapes that you can almost make any logo you choose. See below and I have highlighted them for you:”

forza shapes

forza paint

Aside from the basics, Youtube is a good place to look too, where you can search for more focused design ideas, whether it’s Simpsons characters, logos, or game characters. You know how to find Youtube, we don’t need to link you! It’s worth highlighting however that the livery editor for Forza hasn’t changed in its basic concept, so any tutorial throughout the series should be reasonably similar, whether it’s Forza Motorsport 2, 3 4 or the Horizon series. Some new shapes may have been added as the series progressed, but with some work, you could recreate them in game and save them as a group for future use.

As you may have seen in our review, I also created a 4-One Gaming logo replica which has been shared for you to download (search my Gamertag – Jorn the Eejit) and you can use it as you wish. You can also import any saved groups from Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2, which you can find in Forza 6 by moving from the main menu to the customize tab, and searching in ‘My Designs’. From there, tab to the right once for Forza 5, and again for Horizon 2. Click on each design to import them, and they will be saved to your Forza 6 library of designs.

forza 6 4one

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