A Dark Souls bet ends with Brothers taking one another to court

Dark SoulsOkay so what’s more embarrassing than failing to complete Dark Souls after betting your Brother £100 that you could? Having to explain your failure to a Judge…in a courtroom, that’s what. The story goes that a young man named Thomas, drank far too much at a Glastonbury festival and stupidly bet his Brother David and Friend Michael that he could beat the notoriously difficult Dark Souls on the hardest difficulty before the next Glastonbury.

Thomas was apparently so drunk that he also stated the task would be “very easy”… I mean… How much can this guy drink? He failed. Of course he did, and Michael and David now want him to pay up. Unfortunately Thomas doesn’t even remember having the conversation and refuses to pay, so Michael and David the only thing any good friend and Brother would do… Took Thomas to court. Dark Souls

Fortunately for Thomas, it was the courtroom of ITV’s Judge Rinder, which is kind of like the UK’s equivalent of Judge Judy… Only with fewer balls. As a form of evidence, Michael and David brought with them an unsigned, Microsoft Paint generated statement with an image of Thomas supposedly making the statement as a kind of contract for the bet. Thomas’ only argument was that he was attending University that year and was unable to dedicate the time to playing the much-loved RPG. He also stated that he found getting a degree considerably easier than completing the game.

Dark Souls Of course Judge Rinder saw the funny side adding his own brand of comedy to the entire proceedings before finally throwing the case out of the court room with no money changing hands. However it’s likely that Thomas has learnt his lesson. Don’t make stupid bets you can’t win… Or you’ll end up in court… Kind of.

We just hope this whole ordeal hasn’t damaged the relationship between the three.

If you’re interested in watching the full trial it is currently available to watch via ITV’s own catchup service by clicking here.

[Source: ITV]

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