4 survivors take on Lara’s challenge to escape Siberia in real life

tomb raider siberia survival challengeFollowing in the footsteps of video game icon Lara Croft, 4 survivors take on the challenge of surviving and escaping from Siberia’s cold and dangerous environment of its mountains and forests. Follow Youtube stars Oli White, Jade Jolie, Yammy XOX and Tom Syndicate on a daring adventure in these short videos.

When you’re playing Tomb Raider, or even Uncharted for that matter, it’s easy to forget how physically straining their adventures are, and how fit these characters must be to successfully make their way through the harsh, dangerous terrain they stumble upon. In this video, some popular Youtube stars (none of which I know, personally!) are dragged out to Siberia to experience rock climbing, zip-lining, archery and more. It’s an interesting watch, and maybe some of the activities are something you will want to experience in real life yourself?

The survival video above lasts about 8 minutes, but if you want to see the shortened, final video, click below.

[Source: Youtube, Press Release]

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