4-One Retro Corner: The Lost World: Jurassic Park

jurassic-lost-worldHello everyone, welcome back to the retro corner. The featured game this week is one of the few games based off of a movie that was actually good, and that game is The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Even though there are plenty of Jurassic Park games both new and old, this one was by far my favourite. It was released on the Playstation One and the Sega Saturn in 1997, and unfortunately it has not had any further releases so far.

Although The Lost World: Jurassic Park has no significant plot to it, or at least not one that they made me aware of, the gameplay alone sold me. Being a Jurassic Park game, dinosaurs get the spotlight, which this game succeeds at by giving you five characters/stories to play through. You begin the game as the Compsognathus (better known as the Compy), and every time you beat one character’s story, you unlock a new one. Eventually, after playing through the human hunter and velociraptor campaign, you unlock the T-rex play through, my personal favourite. As for the final character, the game doesn’t exactly end on a high note, after beating the T-rex play through, you play as Sarah Harding, and no longer get to be on top of the food chain. Though all in all, the game is generally engaging across all of its characters.

Even though video game movies generally had and still have a bad reputation among gamers, this game hit many of the spots that Jurassic Park fans were craving in a game.

Another point to make towards this game is that each character gets equal representation in their own campaign. Whilst the Compy is smaller and can’t really fight anything much larger than it, the designers decided to test some new level designs. One such level is the Brachiosaur level, where you have to hide in their footprints to avoid being squashed. As well, the human hunter gets a platforming aspect to make up for their simplified ranged combat. Then the T-rex gets to either rampage through humans or fight other colossal dinosaurs.. Overall the designers did their best to make sure every character got their own unique trait to play with.

The Lost World T-Rex

As a final point, fans of the movie shouldn’t expect a faithful representation of the film’s story. Whilst that may be a good or bad thing depending on how you liked Jurassic Park The Lost World, I can guarantee that this game holds its own based on its game play alone. Not to mention, the final boss fight for the velociraptor is one of the most memorable boss fights of my childhood.

While I doubt this game has any chance of getting a re-master, I hope that it will at least get a re-release in the near future so I can experience this piece of my childhood again.

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