4-One Retro Corner: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars The Clone Wars Cover ArtHello everyone, welcome back to the Retro corner. The game that I’ll be covering this week is Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which was pre-packaged with the Xbox original. Although it came with original Xboxes, it actually released months earlier back in 2002 for Playstation 2 and Gamecube, only releasing on the Xbox in 2003.

The plot of this game accompanies the story of the second Star Wars prequel, either taking place before certain events of the movie, after, or what other characters are doing that wasn’t shown in the films. It’s basically a collection of missions that the main Jedi that you play as, either Obi-Wan, Anakin, or Mace Windu, have done in their canon, but wasn’t shown or at times even referenced in the film. Aside from these missions that supposedly made up the clone war, there is an overall goal to the game. Throughout the entire game, your goal is to not only discover what the secret weapon is that Count Dooku is planning to use against the Jedi, but to find it and destroy it.Star Wars Clone Wars Raxus

Even though it’s a Star Wars game and has you playing as some of the most notable Jedi from the prequels, it’s actually more of a vehicular combat game. Most of the game has you fighting in either a hover tank or a dropship, though occasionally your character is on foot to battle ground troops. Whilst most people would disregard this game once they learn it’s not really a Jedi game, it had some very fun vehicular controls, especially the aerial sections.

On another note, the multiplayer was a ton of fun for couch co-op, as you could choose between vehicles on both sides of the war and battle it out in an arena. Whilst it didn’t reach the same level of dedication, it did resemble the Twisted Metal franchise to an extent. My personal favourite was the IG-227 Hailfire Class Droid Tank, which if you want, you can look it up and see why it was my favourite.Star Wars Clone Wars Dropship

All in all, this game was actually an incredible surprise to me, as I thought it would be a Jedi fighting game and got a vehicular combat game. At first I was disappointed, but after a few hours of playing, it turned into a game that I would play throughout the entirety of the Xbox Originals lifespan.

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