4-One Retro Corner – Star Fox

Co-developed by Nintendo EAD and Argonaut Software, Starfox, also known as StarWing, was an on-rails space shooter starring a cast of anthromorphic animals, releasing on the Super Nintendo in 1993. The aim of the game was progress from the planet Corneria to the enemy planet Venom and defeat Andross.

Starfox’s gameplay was tricky. You would have to avoid any and all objects from asteroids to falling structures, all while dodging enemy fire. Starwing was a visually stunning game for its time. Released late in the SNES’ life. It used the Super FX graphics chip and was Nintendo’s second game to use 3D polygon graphics which was uncommon on consoles at the time.

There were three difficulty options. Each gave you a different course to take, giving Star Fox good replayability. Star Fox was pretty much Nintendo’s version of Star Wars and a fitting love-letter to the films. Star Fox was a frantic and challenging space shooter that let gamers fulfill their own death star assaults. Now, gotta get back to my Arwing, universe wont save itself!

Do a Barrel Roll!

Words by William Bargery

Surely a lot of our fans have fond memories of this game, whether the awesome quotes which still get used today, or the epic Corneria music. What do you remember most about Star Fox?

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