4-One Retro Corner: Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Pinball Cover ArtHello everyone, and welcome back to the Retro Corner. The game in the spotlight this week is the spin-off game, Pokemon Pinball. This game was released on the Gameboy Color, releasing in most countries in 1999 and finally in Europe in 2000.

At the start of the game, you’re given the choice between the red and blue table, much like the choice for the original games. Depending on your choice of table, you’ll visit different locations across the Kanto region from Pokemon Red/Blue, having to play both tables to catch all 151 Pokemon. As well, each location has its own themed table, but it mostly consists of palette swaps.

Pokemon Pinball Red TableAnother point to make in regards to Pokemon Pinball is the different modes that were available. The first being the Catch Mode, which activates a 2-minute window of opportunity, which as the name states, allows you to begin catching Pokemon by hitting the pop bumpers 6 times. As for the final mode, that is the Evolution Mode. This specific mode is the only method available to acquire any Pokemon that require evolution. To achieve this, you must hit targets on the field until you acquire 3 of the items necessary to evolve your Pokemon.

Even though many are skeptical of spin-off games, Pokemon Pinball was received fairly well and I can personally say that it was enjoyable.

All in all, this game was the ultimate way for me to kill time during my childhood. After having beaten whichever mainstream Pokemon game I had been playing at the time, it was nice to continue playing a Pokemon game that didn’t require hours of effort to get into.

With all of this in mind, I implore any of our readers to give this game a shot if you have any interest in Pinball games or Pokemon, as it’s successful as both.

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