4-One Rants: E3 Fatigue

E3E3 is one of the biggest gaming events that comes around every single year. It has being running for a long time and every single year we get a view into developer’s minds and their amazing gaming ideas along with new features announced for our devices and downloadable content for our current libraries of games. But obviously it is the new games and experiences that really catches our eyes. For one whole week gaming sites, ourselves included post article after article until a numbness sets in.

Don’t get me wrong, I love E3 and most years look forward to it for months on end and stay awake to watch all of the press conferences and watch every trailer for all those games both new and remastered. But something has changed, something has become different and it is really hard to express the feeling. It’s like going on one long run of a TV show and having to stop and take a break for a while.

We live in times where most of our gaming surprises are leaked months before they should. Look back at last year and we had Dishonoured 2 along with the newest Assassins Creed leaked nearly a year before we saw any concrete footage of both. It just takes the fun out of it. Our age of social media is a cursed blessing. Sometimes the yearn for an age before these modern conveniences appeals more. Remember going to your local newsagents on lunch break and reading the news so you could tell your friends and all gather around and have a discussion about it? These were the days when both gaming and the art of journalism were in their prime.

Rant PicBut journalism has become nothing more than sourcing information from other websites. Linking to YouTube videos of game trailers and screenshots. We here at 4-One at least try and research our material and add our own swing and personality. Meanwhile other sites, which we won’t name are posting movie spoilers scene by scene at this stage. Ruining future investors of the movie’s experience and generally annoying the general populous for cheap click bait.

People are obsessed with knowing everything, all the time. Missing out on something is not a possibility. Gone are the days of meeting up with mates and just talking or even using our imaginations. We are attached by imaginary wires to our devices. Maybe our wifi signals are laced with addictive drug like oxygen inducing hallucination spores. Or maybe just maybe with all the bad things in our lives it is seen as an escape of sorts from all the bad things going on in the world at the moment?

I suppose to is kind of like the whole aspect of Christmas. As we grow older it becomes less of a major event. Just a day where we can eat way too much food and relax on the couch watching Die Hard and Harry Potter. But where as Christmas can again become fun when the roles are reversed and you are the parent, E3 doesn’t have that benefit. It never changes the formula too much. But honestly it doesn’t have to because it has new content to be shown every year.

Anyway back to the matter at hand. This year had some amazing shock announcements such as Final Fantasy 7 actually getting a full remake. The 13 year old inside me wanted to be excited but the numbness had set in long before the news hit. Sure it will be amazing but I have played it, around 10 times and could probably write it out for you scene by scene from start to finish. Yes the remake looks fantastic but is another remake what we really needed?

AtariThe fatigue is a strange experience. As a gamer and a journalist it is both a powerful and a scary prospect. Potentially it is a form of getting older, losing excitement about the smaller things. Or maybe it isn’t just me. Maybe everyone is getting this bout of fatigue. Maybe we are close to another massive gaming crash like that of Atari.

Yes it may sound crazy, especially in an age where so many new devices and crazy new experiences are coming out. Hololens, VR and many others are coming to the public market soon. It seems that most are ready but others see gaming in its natural state. Sitting down and playing games on a couch with a controller. What if all these gimmick devices fail, what do we have left?

Sequels and remakes. Sure we have a lot of new IPs on the way but not as many risks that were taken in the past. Because risks are costly and many companies such as Atari and Sega took those risks and unfortunately paid the iron price. For the gaming industry is dark and full of terror.

And it isn’t just gaming. The movie industry isn’t taking risks either. Has it gotten to a stage where the movers and shakers and major visionaries have become a thing of the past? When a person with a dream just blogs about it instead of making it a reality. Is the industry so afraid of change that all they do is just slightly improve or just re-release the same content and material every year? Just add an extra number on the end and problem solved and profit margins secured and banked.

Mel GibsonIs it too crazy (Mel Gibson picture included for crazy effect) to ask for a return to physical print instead of digital overlords? Is it possible to stop spoiling everything for people and just revel in the excitement of spotting something in a magazine or reading it in a newspaper? Have times progressed so far that even the thought of going back seems like too much of a push on the wrong direction? This gamer and journalists hopes that his excitement returns next year.


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