4 One Gaming’s Nintendo Switch First Impressions

Nintendo SwitchThe Nintendo Switch has been released into the wild at last and 3 of the 4-One Gaming team have decided to dive in head first and invest on launch day. After many hours perched at the front window scowling at any van driving past my house the delivery dude turned up. Read on to see what I (Rob) think of the latest addition to my computer game family.

So, the Nintendo Switch, where to start? Well I found myself unexpectedly excited about what the Nintendo Switch could offer after months of hoping they would release a regular style console. When the Nintendo Switch was revealed I really liked what I saw and saw a product that offered me something different. Now it’s here with me and I should probably walk you through my thoughts on the console.

The box was a lot smaller than I expected. In fact, the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Limited edition box was a lot bigger. The Nintendo Switch box was quite nice and stylish. Getting into the box was nice and easy and immediately I was greeted by the view of my new console. The joy-Cons and tablet stared back at me and although I knew the dimensions I was surprised how compact it all is.

Next I took out the power adapter and the HDMI cable which both felt of a good quality and then I stumbled on the docking station. This was perhaps the first disappointing aspect for me. The docking station was actually much smaller than I expected which is fine with me but the plastic felt a little cheap. The unit was unexpectedly light too and it just didn’t feel like a quality product. However, I realise that this unit for the most part won’t get touched or really be looked at so once I had it hooked up and ready to use I instantly forgot about it.

The joy-Cons felt surprisingly comfortable I must admit, the weight of them felt nice and overall the controls felt like the 3DS XL. When the Joy-Cons were attached to the grip pad I was surprised how comfortable they felt. The Joy-Cons can also be used without any grip so if you find traditional pads uncomfortable you might like to take advantage of that option.

Nintendo Switch

The Tablet part of the Nintendo Switch was heavy compared to the base unit and felt like a quality item. It feels nice and solid and easy to navigate around and find the game/SD card slots and power button etc. Slotting the Joy-Cons on to the side of the tablet makes a satisfying click and overall feels very comfortable.

Setup of the Nintendo Switch was simple and easy. You are first told to attach your Joy-Cons to the tablet to allow them to sync and it’s easier to just complete the setup in this way until you are prompted to dock the Switch. Account set up was nice and easy and I had no problems connecting to my Wi-Fi. I found my left Joy-Con de-synced twice during setup but could re-sync it without issue. Downloading the day one update seems to have fixed this problem for me so fingers crossed it won’t occur again.

The console is silent and the UI is lovely and clean. As you navigate your way around you are treated to lots of lovely noises. Linking my Nintendo Switch to my Facebook and Twitter accounts was nice and easy and looking through the store I was pleased to see a wish list feature (Take note Microsoft). Over all I feel the positives of the console out weight any negatives so far.

nintendo switch ui

I do worry about wear and tear with the Joy-Cons especially when attaching the strap sliders to them, which is very fiddly, more so when detaching the slider and the kick stand on the tablet part of the console could prove to be another weak point however over all the build quality is nice and sturdy.

I opted to get a Pro controller and I must say I’m very impressed. It looks and feels great and would say it feels like an Xbox One controller which I consider to be the best available (except the Elite pad) at the moment. All in all, I’m excited to see the Nintendo Switch in action and am glad I decided to buy on day one. I would have liked to see a carry case included in the console as this would have made the Nintendo Switch better value and it is after all supposed to be a mobile console but that aside I feel the Nintendo Switch offers good value and am more sure that it will be a success going forward.

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