4-One Gaming first impressions, Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken KingSo Destiny: The Taken King has been around for a week now, and lets not mess around here, it’s the most expensive piece of DLC we’ve seen on the latest generation of consoles so far. And whilst it hasn’t exactly been marketed as your standard “map pack” it still costs £39.99, or to put that in perspective, the same price as brand new Xbox 360 or PS3 game back in the day. 

The Taken King can therefore, only really been reviewed as an expansion, which is what it was meant to be in the first place. But Bungie have taken this opportunity to make a lot of changes to the core experience, taking on board all of the criticism Destiny has received over the last year without changing the game so much that they end up alienating the dedicates that loved it how it was in the first place. I’ve been playing Destiny on and off since it was launched back in 2014, and whilst I’ve enjoyed playing it whenever I have, I’m also the first to admit that Bungie messed up a lot of things about. The story for example and the way in which players commit to quests.

Thankfully much of these minor annoyances have been changed, quests now have their own dedicated screen on
the menu and players can take on multiple side quests at a time as they play through the story, the number of Bounties you can take on has been increased and Guardian’Destiny: The Taken Kings now have more vault space for saving those materials we only seem to have in bulk when we don’t need them. Characters within the game seem altogether more involved in the whole process where as before they were simply just there, seemingly for decoration. The biggest change however has seen a complete change in the way you level up. Character level is now seemingly irrelevant as far as your character strength goes (although it does dictate what gear you can and can’t use), and even the way “light” works has changed. Guardians can now level all the way to the new cap of 40 through experience gains where they will then just aim to get the best gear possible. End game armor no longer has the “light” stat we’ve been endlessly chasing to reach the level cap, instead the attack and defense ratings of armor and weapons will now contribute to your “light level” which will dictate how much ass you can kick in the games various PvE challenges. The higher your light level, the more you can do, simple really.

Destiny: The Taken KingSo what’s new exactly, well there’s a lot of new content surrounding the appearance of a new foe, Oryx, The Taken King and Father of the previously vanquished Crota, there’s a new area, new quests, new weapons, abilities and more. But is it really worth the money? Well yes, if you’re new to Destiny and looking to purchase the Legendary Edition which contains everything, but if you’ve already got the game and all DLC, I just can’t personally justify it. Destiny has a history of expensive DLC but £39.99 for the “expansion” of a story focused FPS title is just too much. While it comes with a number of changes alongside additional content, it still falls short of what defines an expansion pack in the world of gaming. Blizzard’s World of Warcraft for example.

That said, it is all very enjoyable and Destiny is now the game it should have been when it first launched. Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll be ensuring I continue to plow my way through the new content in the interest of bringing a full 4-One Gaming review to the website. Until then, let me know your comments in the section below!

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