Deadpool Director moves onto Sonic Film

Sonic the hedgehogHello everyone, we have a weird combination of fan bases being addressed in this article, but bare with me hear. So as some people already know, the previous director for the Deadpool movie, Tim Miller, recently left the franchise over creative differences with Ryan Reynolds.

Now as they do, any director of a successful franchise will move onto different projects, as they’re proven to be capable at their careers. Now the interesting part of this is that Tim Miller has moved onto a video game movie, and that one in particular is the Sonic movie coming out in 2018.

Now for those who don’t know already, 2018 is set to have the Sonic movie be released (tentatively, and it loosely follows the plot of Sonic Adventure. It follows Sonic and his crew, who, after being transported to the real world by Dr. Eggman, now have to retrieve the seven chaos emeralds before Dr. Eggman. This is all in effort to stop Dr. Eggman from unleashing an ancient water god of destruction onto the world, also known as Chaos, as well as trying to find their way back to their own world.

deadpool-tim-millerSomething to take into account is, even though many people probably had their doubts about this movie to begin with, and that description probably didn’t sway many people, there are some positives to this film. First off, as the intro stated, the director that helped make Deadpool an amazing success on a bare bones budget will be working on this project as a producer for it, so there’s some promise there. As well, even though Sonic hasn’t exactly been popular of late, they’re at least loosely following the plot of one of the more well-received Sonic games. As well, this film seems to be unrelated to the Sonic Boom franchise, so with any luck we’ll get a more Sonic Generations or even Mania vibe from the film.sonic film

Taking this into account, whilst I’m not an overly enthusiastic Sonic fan, I’m interested in any project trying to turn video games into commercial successes as films. As well, whilst I don’t expect this Sonic film to be the one that brings video game movies into the mainstream.

I’d be pleasantly surprised if the added talent from the Deadpool movie helped the Sonic film in a substantial way. Here’s hoping that this film turns out well, as let’s face it, the Sonic franchise could use a boost of positivity after the past decade it’s been through.

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