4 new Backwards Compatible titles arrive on Xbox One

xbox backwards compatible decemberAfter the last update to the backwards compatible release list, Microsoft announced that from then on, whenever a new game is ready to be released with the feature, that it would go live there and then. Four new titles arrived yesterday, bringing the full list of available games up to 134.

The four newly added backwards compatible titles are Trials HD, the awesome physics based motorbike game that everyone should have in their collection. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare has also arrived, which is a shortened down spin-off version of the brilliant Alan Wake title. American Nightmare was released two years after the main game, in 2012.

trials hd

Third on the list is LEGO Batman, which is a fair choice, although far outdone since by its sequels and other LEGO titles. Still, it’s better than nothing and if you want to go back and play it, you now have the chance. Lastly, we have Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space, an episodic adventure with great writing and good puzzles.

After the weekend of Red Dead Redemption’s surprise appearance and then being taken down, we can only hope that that game joins the backwards compatible list with the next update. Yee haw.

[Source: Gamespot]

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