30 minute interview with Phil Spencer at Geek Wire summit

phil spencer geek wirePhil Spencer, head of Xbox, discusses the future of gaming, the company’s competition with Sony and Nintendo, and emerging trends such as augmented reality and eSports. This interview took place last week during the Geek Wire summit, which was held on October 1st and 2nd in Seattle.

The video opens with a montage of young kids being asked questions about Microsoft, Xbox and Minecraft, and it’s quite adorable. Phil Spencer saw the clip before the interview commenced, so it’s amusing to see his reaction to them. It’s a long interview, but if you grab a cup of tea and turn up the volume, it might be an interesting listen for you.

Rather than simply ‘aim to win’, or admit defeat, Phil Spencer talks about his plans to rebuild the trust with the Xbox community, following the dreadful launch of the Xbox One console.

“It was a change for me in the 18 months [since becoming Xbox boss]. You’ll hear me talk less about the competition. People will say ‘you’re losing, so of course you’re not going to bring that up’. Maybe we’ll test that some day.

“But if we are winning I’d hope to stay in the swim lane. It’s about the games we have and how we treat the customers who buy our box.”

Another interesting point that Phil brings up is a meeting he had a few weeks back with GameStop managers, who told him that customers still ask if the Xbox One is unable to play used games. That belief has been burned into the gaming community’s head since before the console launched, and despite the massive amounts of information available on the internet, this question still lingers on people’s minds.

“One thing that probably I didn’t realise as much as I should have when I started in this role was the impact that the launch had on our team here in Redmond, the Xbox team.”

[Source: YoutubeGeek Wire]

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