18 minutes of No Man’s Sky gameplay

no man's skySince the first reveal of No Man’s Sky, many of us are asking questions. What is it? How big is it? What can I do? What can I not do? Can I spend money on ships or weapons? Can I get killed? Can I make friends? Well, some of these questions get answered in IGN’s IGN First for July, where Ryan McCaffrey talks to fellow Irishman Sean Murray, Lead developer at Hello Games.

To begin, as you wander the planets, you can scan creatures and flora, and depending on the world’s hostility, or how rare that find was, you can upload the information to a nearby beacon, which all players online can access, and make some money from your discovery. The figure on the left of the screen with a ‘u’ next to it, is your currency, with the ‘u’ representing units. You can spend this money on new spaceships or new weapons, all of which are procedurally generated.

No Man’s Sky also features a wanted level of sorts. Visit a planet peacefully, and you should be fine, but if you choose not to come in peace, expect some resistance from local inhabitants. Some planets may have technological defenses such as drones as seen on the first planet here, and you may also get chased by creatures a little larger than yourself.

You can also mine and create new alloys, which you can use yourself, or choose to sell them off to traders, whether they’re AI or other players, if you’re saving up for a faster, more attack oriented ship. You will notice right away how similar the inventory menu is in relation to Destiny’s. Whether this will remain the same come release date, we don’t know, but for a second, you’d think you were watching a Destiny video.

no man's skyThe galaxy map is breathtaking as well. Taking a cue from the galaxy map of Mass Effect and adding greatly to it, you can then get a sense of just how much exploration there is to do in No Man’s Sky. Whether you want to travel around as an explorer, become a full time, boring trader, or be your own solo pirate or join a group of pirates, the choice is entirely yours, and watching this video has me even more excited for the potential of this game. Just don’t add DLC planets, Hello Games!

[Source: IGN’s Youtube]

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  1. Rob Pearce ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

    I have to say that after initial uncertainty about what this game can do to keep me occupied this lengthy look at the game has wiped away a lot of the uncertainty and concerns i had. It looks stunning, looks great fun and it looks like theres plenty to do and obviously explore. So long as there’s enough variation and surprises in the galaxy and the worlds you visit I can see this game eating up a lot of my time. My main concerns now are what specs they will require to run it on PC unsure emoticon fingers crossed it wont require any upgrade.

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