15 Minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay

Rise of the Tomb RaiderWe got a taste of Rise of the Tomb Raider last week, but if you have been craving for more, here is 15 minutes gameplay which has been released.

You might recognize the area from the demo gameplay last week of the ‘Siberian Wilderness’, and this takes place right afterwards where Lara Croft, who is split from her adventuring partner, is trying to survive the harsh conditions.

Things finally calm with the weather, but she is not the only person in the woods as very hostile looking people block her path. She dispatches of them easily enough, climbing up the trees to take them out from above, then using items from around the place to clear out the camp further ahead.

People are easy enough to deal with, but nature is also a threat, and that becomes apparent when a massive bear attacks Lara almost killing her. Soon enough she goes back and deals with the bear using a combo of regular arrows and arrows that explode into a green mist blinding the bear. It wasn’t easy though, and whoever was playing was almost killed.

We are unsure what Lara is searching for, but it is likely some old ruins that hold a big secret. The hostiles found in the area had a massive base set up in the area too, so they were also likely searching for whatever it was.

The game is an Xbox timed exclusive, coming out on the 10th of November on Xbox One and Xbox 360. We have had no confirmation yet as to when this will release on other platforms.

What are your thoughts though? Looks really good right? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Rob Pearce ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

    looks awesome. some of the animation (where her legs disappear into the snow, is a bit choppy but on the whole it looks really good.

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