12 minutes of leaked Dead Rising 4 gameplay

dead rising 4 box artSuper Mario has a hefty task at hand this year, with the amount of leaks that have come ahead of E3 which still seems to be continuing on. As well as the game’s existence being leaked, here’s 12 minutes of early gameplay footage that seeped onto the internet.

The gameplay footage shows returning hero from the first game, Frank West, again in Willamette Mall, also the setting from the first game. In the footage, we see him using standard weapons as well as a flamethrower mounted lawnmower. As you do. It is Dead Rising after all!

Frank also has the ability to take selfies with various poses, as you can see from the screenshot below, which also features in the trailer. This should be a fun game for Christmas!

dead rising 4 gameplay

Frank also has the ability to don an exo-suit, giving him more powerful abilities, and can launch vehicles at hordes of zombies. This should definitely be a  fun game, and it looks like it’s getting sillier with each iteration at this stage!

Dead Rising 4 is set for a December 6th release on Xbox One and Windows 10 and a possible PlayStation 4 release to follow, according to previous rumblings.

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