1,000 Deathclaws vs 100 Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4

deathclawsCosmic Contrarian, a Youtuber and Fallout fan put two teams of NPCs on opposing sides, to see who would come out on top. What better teams to choose than Deathclaws and the Brotherhood of Steel?

There are no spoilers to worry about, although maybe some soiling. Seeing one Deathclaw roaming the streets is scary enough if you’re not leveled up or equipped enough, but a thousand of the behemoths?! Luckily, the Brotherhood are well equipped and armoured to deal with the threat of Deathclaws, but they are extremely outnumbered!

The video runs for just over 9 minutes, so sit back, grab the popcorn, and enjoy! We’re deliberately keeping the victors to ourselves, but we’re wondering how it would play out if the battle was fought out in the open, and not in a cramped constraints of a town.

There are many different Fallout 4 NPC battles taking place all over Youtube, with some Youtubers taking requests for battles. Cosmic Contrarian has a few other NPC battles worth checking out, which you can see on his Fallout playlist here.

How has your Fallout 4 experience been so far? Are you having fun? Better than Fallout 3 and New Vegas? How do you deal with Deathclaws? Any advice?

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