10 things I’d like to see from Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2It’s finally happened. After 6 long years Rockstar has finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2. It all began with Rockstar uploading an innocent looking picture to their social media sending the internet into a frenzy. Whilst details are thin on the ground at the minute we will know more by Thursday when the games first trailer is revealed to the waiting world. So what would we like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2 and would we make any changes to the formula that we saw in the last game?

I loved playing Red Dead Redemption but even though it’s my all time favourite game it did have some issues. Here is a list of 10 things I’d like to see included in Red Dead Redemption 2 or see improved on from the last game.

1: Prequel Setting

The last Red Dead Redemption was set towards the end of the Wild West era so it would make a certain amount of sense to go back further in time to explore some of the characters back stories. We found out a bit about John Marston’s life as an outlaw in the last game but there’s definitely room to explore his story further. the leaked map does suggest Red Dead Redemption 2 could be a prequel but we’ll have to wait and see.

Red Dead leak

2: Multiple playable characters

Probably a bit controversial and unlikely this one as I know people who don’t want this to become an out and out copy of GTA’s format but there are a few characters from the last game who’s story would be worth exploring. In GTAV you can play as 3 different people which gives you a wider more varied story to enjoy and it’s a system that could work well for Red Dead Redemption 2. Obviously John Marston would be the main character still but aside from him Bill Williamson was always an interesting character to me so he would be a good addition. Perhaps the most interesting character to play as could be Johns wife Abigail. We know she rode with Dutch’s gang and that she was a prostitute who actually rode the members of Dutch’s gang before falling in love and settling with John.

Red Dead Redemption

3:Crafting/trading mechanics

One of my favourite pass times in the last game was to go hunting and I’d like to see that expanded on to make it useful and more relevant. Sell Pelts or use snake skin to buy/craft yourself some boots or a belt for example. maybe you could add simple mining mechanics where you use a pick axe or maybe dynamite to mine for precious metals when you aren’t robbing banks from them.

4: Improved gameplay and mechanics

As great as Red Dead was it certainly had it’s issues with bugs and movement. Even GTA’s character movement feels clumsy and sluggish so I really would like to see Rockstar make improvements in this area as they are long overdue. The gunplay was a bit too simple for my liking too and would like to see it become more of a challenge.

Red Dead tease close

5: A living breathing game world

I’d love if we saw more variety in Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar did an amazing job making Los Santos feel alive and I hope they can do the same with this game. I’d like to see random shoot outs occur or maybe cowboys tending to their cattle. and why not have your heist be interrupted by a rival gang. There’s a lot of potential and I hope the game world comes to life.

6: The ability to swim

There was quite a bit of the moist stuff on the leaked map so hopefully you aren’t allergic to water in Red Dead Redemption 2. hopefully we can use a row boat too and maybe go fishing?

Red Dead Redemption, Marston

7: Let the player shape Johns Past

The problem with prequels (we’ll assume Red Dead Redemption 2 is one for now) is that you know where you end up eventually and having played as John before you feel you know his personality. What if though you can make john be the budding hero that you know he’ll become or maybe you want to him to be a ruthless S O B. In RDR we could if we wanted, place a damsel on the railway lines and I’d like to see that morality system expanded and have the characters around us adapt their behaviour towards me accordingly. Let us decide who John used to be before he settled with his wife.

8: Native Americans

I know Rockstar aren’t out to teach us about the past or anything but I would like to see Native Americans feature more prominently in Red Dead Redemption 2. perhaps they help you out or maybe they attack you if they come across you in the wild on your own or maybe you have a love hate relationship with them. I feel they could add a different feel to the people that populate the game world.

Red Dead Redemption

9: Wider variety of mission types

As much as I loved RDR I did at times find it awfully repetitive and would like to see more variety in the missions that you are required to do. it would also be cool to see some missions that maybe resemble some famous scenes from popular Western’s

Red Dead Remption

10: An improved online experience

I personally really enjoyed the online aspect of RDR but it was very much a prototype for GTA online. Rockstar have done wonders for the online mode in GTAV and I’d love to see some of that magic injected into Red Dead Redemption 2. from building your character model up from the ground, living off the land and trading to earn some $$. Forming a posse with your friends and robbing a bank before fleeing. Maybe your gang want to hunt down the one that robbed a bank or maybe you just want a game of cards in the saloon. the possibilities are endless.


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