10 minutes of Inside, the successor to Limbo

insideIt’s been a long time since Playdead’s follow up to Limbo was announced. We’re still waiting on Inside, and at this year’s E3, we finally got a concrete release date of July 7th for Xbox One and PC. Thankfully, we now have a 10 minute gameplay video to show off a little bit more of the title.

Limbo is one of my favourite games of the last gen. Debuting on Xbox 360, it was artistic, simplistic, and left you wondering what the actual outcome of it all meant. It was glorious. Play it a few times over, and you could beat it in less than two hours, knowing how to overcome all the puzzles. I’m expecting the same with Inside, and I hardly know a thing about it.

Inside is a similar type of game to Limbo, although it has a 2.5D aesthetic and a bit more colour than the previous title. It still uses puzzle solving to progress through the levels, but what of its story? I look forward to learning more about it next month.

[Source: Polygon]

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