10 Minutes of Bombshell Gameplay Shown at Quakecon

bombshell-1-jpg3D Realms have released ten minutes of gameplay during Quakecon 2015 for the upcoming isometric action game Bombshell, being developed by Interceptor Entertainment.

The Gameplay demo shows off quite a lot of what to expect in the final game, including weapons, abilities and equipment such as the “Ion Maiden” and the “Bubble Shield.” We also see a little more on what the main character Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, a cyborg mercenary, will be like.

Bombshell, which was announced last year, is currently scheduled for release during the summer for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but it was delayed for some time after they jumped engines mid production.

As you might seen, some work is still to be done, like that awful voice acting, but for the most part it is looking rather good. What are the thoughts of you isometric action fans? Let us know in the comments!

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