List of enhanced Xbox One X titles

xbox one xYesterday at Gamescom, Microsoft opened the pre-order floodgates for the Xbox One X, the most powerful games console the world has ever seen. Revealed officially during E3 back in June, fans couldn’t put their money down to guarantee the machine until yesterday, which was a very odd move. Hype may have died down, or increased, who knows, but those who really want it, can now pre-order one. But what games will benefit from the 40% power increase and 4K visual upgrades? Let’s take a look. Continue reading List of enhanced Xbox One X titles

Xbox Deals with Gold, August 15th

deals with goldWe’re halfway through the month of August, and with it, the beginning of another week of Xbox Deals with Gold. This week, you can take advantage of discounts on a number of season passes, so instead of buying a new game, just get more bang for your buck with existing titles. Continue reading Xbox Deals with Gold, August 15th

Tacoma Review

From the developers of “Gone Home” comes a great sci-fi story told within a fascinating world for the asking price of $10 too much. Tacoma boasts loads of personality, the game wouldn’t work without accomplishing this feat. Getting to know the lives of the crew members, their personal stories, and connectedness (or lack of) to one another feels very intimate and engaging. For fans of “Gone Home” or good story games in general, I would definitely recommend Tacoma but for those looking for something other/more than a storytelling experience you might want to wait for a sale. Continue reading Tacoma Review

PlayStation Plus subscriptions getting a price increase in Europe

PlayStation PlusThis week, Sony sent its newsletter subscribers an email to warn them that as of August 31st, PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be receiving an increase in price. It’s a whopping 25% increase too, but you still have time to buy an annual subscription before the changes take effect. Continue reading PlayStation Plus subscriptions getting a price increase in Europe

Final Fantasy XV Regalia coming to Forza Horizon 3

forza horizon 3 regaliaForza Horizon 3 is full of surprises. First we had the Halo Warthog as a nice little addition for Halo and racing fans. Then Playground Games went one further and revealed the Hot Wheels expansion earlier this year which is now available. This week, Playground Games announced another awesome new addition; the Regalia from Final Fantasy XV is making its way down under in the near future! Continue reading Final Fantasy XV Regalia coming to Forza Horizon 3

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