Forza Motorsport 7 Impressions

Forza Motorsport 7Forza Motorsport 7 is here at last. Forza is a series I’ve been playing for years now, Since Forza Motorsport 2 to be more precise. Before Forza I would play the Gran Tourismo series, Toca, Grid as well as others. It’s fair to say that I quite like racing games although in more recent years I’ve tended to stick with just Forza, mainly because it’s been the best racing game to be had with a control pad in my opinion. So what does Forza Motorsport 7 bring to the table? Read on and I’ll give you my thoughts. Continue reading Forza Motorsport 7 Impressions

Blade Runner 2049 Review

Denis Villeneuve has achieved the impossible. Blade Runner 2049 is not only a worth film to the Blade Runner name, but it completes that seldom seen by being better than the original. He completes this with the help of Roger Deakins with the best cinematography I’ve ever seen in a film. Gorgeous visuals flood this film where numerous shots are jaw-dropping. Deakins deserves the Oscar this year and it would be a travesty if he didn’t win it.

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Xbox Deals with Gold, September 12th

deals with goldWe may be entering the busiest time of the year for new game releases, and with Destiny already now on the shelves, we await the next landslide of new releases. However, there’s always time for a good deal, grabbing a title you may have skipped over until the price dropped. Here’s your Xbox Deals with Gold for this week then. Continue reading Xbox Deals with Gold, September 12th

Destiny 2 Review

Destiny 2When Destiny 2 was announced I was unsure if I would try it out. With Destiny you either loved it or you hated it. The story was virtually non-existent with most of it being on a website that you had to go to in order to get the full back story. It was a poor and lazy way to implement it, so when Bungie announced that Destiny 2 would have a proper story with all the lore available in game it was enough to convince me to give it a go.
I was impressed with the Beta and so slapped down some notes for a pre-order. I opted for the PS4 version mainly because I didn’t want to have to wait for the PC version which will arrive late October.

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Destiny 2 PlayStation Trophies revealed

destiny 2 boxOver the weekend, PlayStation Trophy tracking website Exophase got their hands on the Trophy list for upcoming Activision and Bungie shooter Destiny 2. The game’s release is imminent, and anticipation is high, but what kind of Achievements/Trophies should the fans be expecting? Not much, it seems! Continue reading Destiny 2 PlayStation Trophies revealed

List of enhanced Xbox One X titles

xbox one xYesterday at Gamescom, Microsoft opened the pre-order floodgates for the Xbox One X, the most powerful games console the world has ever seen. Revealed officially during E3 back in June, fans couldn’t put their money down to guarantee the machine until yesterday, which was a very odd move. Hype may have died down, or increased, who knows, but those who really want it, can now pre-order one. But what games will benefit from the 40% power increase and 4K visual upgrades? Let’s take a look. Continue reading List of enhanced Xbox One X titles

Xbox Deals with Gold, August 15th

deals with goldWe’re halfway through the month of August, and with it, the beginning of another week of Xbox Deals with Gold. This week, you can take advantage of discounts on a number of season passes, so instead of buying a new game, just get more bang for your buck with existing titles. Continue reading Xbox Deals with Gold, August 15th

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