God of War Review

I’ve never played a God of War game before, I’ve heard of it but having spent most of my time on the Xbox 360 it was never a game I looked at too closely. Times change though and I now play on both consoles which meant the latest God of War caught my attention. I found myself researching the past games and instantly knew that this would be right up my street. God of War was hyped up to astronomical levels and the question became, could it live up to that hype. Continue reading God of War Review

Avengers: Infinity War Review

avengers infinity warThe pomp and circumstance of Infinity War is seen seldom in the realm of film. 18 films of build-up throughout 10 years, a culmination of the characters that Marvel has bred for this colossal event. Infinity War certainly feels like an event, often switching between a few main storylines. The resonating result of Infinity War is a film that is a quintessential Marvel film. Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War Review

You’re gonna die in a plane crash, and why spoiling games’ plots are bad

god of war spoilWe’re all gamers, it’s why you’re here reading this article, on this very website, from our little Facebook page. We all have our favourite titles we fondly remember, or follow on with comics, short stories, fan fiction, novels and sometimes, movies. We follow certain storylines and lore, characters and their adventures, and look forward to what the future holds for these avatars. However, there are those who love nothing more than to ruin the experience for us. (no spoilers ahead)

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Xbox fans demand Sea of Thieves goes to PlayStation, “if we’re getting No Man’s Sky”

sea of thievesXbox fans were outraged earlier this week when they learned that No Man’s Sky; previously exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC, was going to be arriving on the Xbox One platform later this year. “We can’t be having two lacking-in content titles on our Xbox,” they spouted in anger, and who can blame them?! Continue reading Xbox fans demand Sea of Thieves goes to PlayStation, “if we’re getting No Man’s Sky”

Sea Of Thieves Review

Sea of ThievesSea of Thieves was in development for quite a while and I was lucky enough to be a part of the play test sessions and provide the developers with feedback throughout so that they could hopefully improve the game so that it could reach its potential come release day. So did Sea of thieves reach it’s Potential?  It’s a tricky one to answer. The short version is no but if you want the slightly longer version then read on.  Continue reading Sea Of Thieves Review

Annihilation Review

Annihilation might be an enigma to many. It’s marketed like a Nolan film but with the budget, Annihilation doesn’t give away much other than the fact that there’s a foreign threat that could be alien. Going in dark to this film is preferred because watching the story unravel is a spectacle. From 2nd time writer/director, Alex Garland, we are given a science fiction to marvel at with incredible imagery and fantastic narrative. The former is to be expected of; Garland is prolific in writing notable sci-fi films. However, his evolution as a director with a bigger budget is admirable as he doesn’t lose sight of the goal he’s trying to attain. Chalk Annihilation up as a film everyone will have a strong opinion about and one that will have longevity in the world of sci-fi films.

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Jorn’s Game of the Year for 2017

injustice 2 game of the yearAs we approach the final days of 2017, it’s time to look back at what has been played and what has been enjoyed. I feel like I didn’t play enough of this year’s releases, primarily because I’m stubborn, and am a one console man. I don’t play on PC either, so my options are extremely limited. That said, of what I did play, there’s one game I just keep going back to from this year, which is why I’ve chosen it as my personal favourite for 2017. Continue reading Jorn’s Game of the Year for 2017

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars: The Last JediDisney gave director, Rian Johnson, an entire Star Wars trilogy for him to develop out of confidence for The Last Jedi, they made the right choice. The Last Jedi is a film that move at breakneck pace to cover lots of ground, which 90% of it gripping. The stakes in this movie are high and characters don’t feel safe which is fantastic. It breaks such a traditional mold of what Star Wars is normally comprised of. It doesn’t forget its fans yet makes strides for the future and in bold directions. There are a few of astounding moment and plenty of surprises. This easily makes for the best Star Wars from Disney and also a film that reigns at the top of the totem pole along with The Empire Strikes Back. 

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